Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pictures of Millie

Millie is Bay.... the Stud is a Buckskin Paint.

Millie for Sale

CS Chili Knight Miss

Color: Bay Sex: Mare Foaled: May 09, 2005

Breed: Registered Quarter Horse

Sire: WW Doc Chili

Dam: CS Sundy Knight Miss

Markings: Star. No other markings.

Bred for foaling June 2010, to Buckskin Paint. (Keith and Sandra Gailbreths paint stud)

Been ridden several hundred miles on trail rides, beside highways and one long trip (300 miles... over 100 miles in the mountains of MT and ID, USA), saddles well, is good with feet and loading. Leads and catches nicely. Been ridden with bridle and/or halter. Is not bomb proof, but would make a good trail horse, ponies well (being lead or leading the other horse.) (Only serious problem is once running full out she tends to pull on the bridle and not want to stop. She stops well at any other gait, just the gallop is hard to ease her to a stop if she's not been ridden often) $2500 with foal at side (or before foaled) $2000 after foal is weaned. Been around kids of all ages, has given lots of 'pony' rides, been around chickens, turkeys, dogs, cats, cows and seen lamas and sheep. Would be good for male or female rider, but not very young children by themselves unless ponied.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bath Sachets

Bath Sachets....
Relaxing Herbal $1.75 for 4 Sachets $3.00 for 8 Sachets
Lavender Fields $1.75 for 4 Sachets $3.00 for 8 Sachets

$2.00 Shipping to the USA for one set of 4 Sachets
$5.00 Shipping to the USA (if you buy 3 or more sets of Sachets)

$1.50 Shipping to Canada for one set of 4 Sachets
$3.00 Shipping to Canada (if you buy 3 or more sets of Sachets)

Hot pads

8 crocheted hot pads. 100% cotton. Measuring aprox. 5 ½ in. x 6 ¼ in. $5.50 each or $10.00 for 2. (buy all of them for $40.00 and have a matching crochet wash cloth for free) $8.00 shipping to the USA. $5.00 shipping to Canada.
My mom only uses the hot pads that I crochet, she says that they work better than any bought hot pads. (not to brag on my work, I'm just quoting her.) They make wonderful gifts, and last for a long time (like several years depending on their useage, we bake/cook at least 4 times as much as most families and ours usually last 2-3 years) they wash well.

Baby Blankets

For Sale....
Three baby Blankets... measuring aprox. 28 in. x 28 in. 100% cotton. $35.00 each $8.00 shipping to the USA. $5.00 shipping to Canada.
(my camera for some reason turned the yellow to look more orange than it really is, sorry)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Shiloh For Sale

2 year-old paint filly. Quiet, friendly. Left eye is blind. Broke to ride by 12 year old girl.14.1 hands. $700 Or Best Offer.... You can contact me at ehssgvbmusic :at: